BSS Exam Application

Eligibility Requirements

To become eligible to receive a BSS Designation, a member in good standing of a provincial Building Envelope Council (BEC), who has met the professional experience requirements, must also successfully completed the following Professional Exams offered by The the Building Science Specialist Board which include:

A minimum final exam mark of 65% must be achieved in each of the above-noted exams.

Learning Objectives - How to prepare for the Exam

Learning objectives for each exam can be found on the BSSB website under Learning Objectives page. Please be sure to review this material carefully in order to fully prepare for the exam. You will find  links to courses and reference materials to assist with your preparation on our BSS Exam Courses page.

Where and When can you write the Exams?

Exams will be written simultaneously. Please see our Exam Dates & Locations page for detailed Infomation.

Candidates MUST bring an electronic calculator to the exam

Allowable Calculators:

Registration & Cancellation Policies

  1. Registration for each exam must be made a minimum of one month in advance.
  2. Your registration will not be processed until full payment is received.
  3. Notice of cancellation must be made in writing. 
  4. A $100 cancellation fee (plus HST) will apply for cancellations received up to 7 business days before the exam sitting.  
  5. Within 7 business days of the exam date, no refunds will be issued.
  6. All cancellations MUST be made in writing.

All 2021 exams will be subject to COVID-19 health measures and restrictions; special cancellation policy will apply.

The BSSB is committed to conducting the exams in a safe manner by maintaining physical distancing between candidates and adhering to all public health guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. All 2021 exams will be subject to COVID-19 health measures and restrictions, and dates are subject to change.

Please note that in order to protect everyone from COVID-19, candidates must meet on-site health requirements, including: completing a health questionnaire before being admitted to the exam, mandatory masking at all times, and mandatory hand sanitization upon entry into the testing room. Also, any candidate who notifies us in writing, up to the day of the exam, that they have been exposed to or have tested positive for COVID-19 will have their fee refunded; however, any candidate who does not notify and arrives at the test site displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be admitted to the test site and their registration fee will not be refunded.

Register Online

Mark Check | Re-mark

A Student may request their mark be reviewed. Student’s must complete the Exam Mark Check | Re-mark form below. The fee for a Mark Check | Re-mark is $200.00, should there be a change to the student’s final grade, a fee of $125.00 will be refunded.

Mark Check / Re-Mark (PDF)